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THE VERY FIRST INDOOR Gourmet Festival in Prague!

THE REAL MULTI Food Festival at one place!


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Welcome to Delifest®

Three-days of al-fresco food & drinks extravaganza under one roof or in the park.

The world is on your plate. Create your own tasting menu with signature dishes from a selection of the best restaurants, eateries and wine shops.

An unforgettable weekend brimming with the best food, drinks and first class entertainment.


Location, location, location. Forum Karlín, style&design mecca at the very heart of every foodie headquarters of Karlín, made its name thanks to unique experimental space. With capacity up to 3000 guest, its status quo of cultural, social and educational temple has been already established.

Spolek DELI2KIDS z. s., IČ 05314984
Korespondenční adresa: DELIFEST, P.O.BOX 60, 140 02 Praha 42
Tel: +420 702 164 604

Pernerova 53, 186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín

Křižíkova (line B) – 3 minutes walking

Parking Thámova street (300 m)
Parking Křižíkova street (500 m)

  1. All visitors are obliged to respect the rules and regulations set by Forum Karlín s.r.o., especially visiting rules for the object Forum Karlín.
  2. All visitors must respect the rules of the organizer as well as the safety and fire prevention rules and behave according to them.
  3. The organizer has the right to deny access to the premises to any person violating these rules, the organizer is entitled to refuse the access to any person in violation of these conditions, or a person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other addictive, narcotic or psychotropic substances or expel a person from the festival, and for no admission fee.
  4. The organizer is entitled to close the festival for safety reasons.
  5. The organizer is entitled to make when entering the festival security check and identify visitors to the festival, including control items carried on the festival. It is not allowed to bring or use: weapons, pyrotechnics or other dangerous objects, narcotics or toxic substances.
  6. During the festival and at all festival premises, it is not allowed any manipulation with open fire and smoking is prohibited excepted appointed areas.
  7. It is not allowed to take pictures or audio ‐ visual recordings for commercial purposes.
  8. By entering the festival visitors agree that in the festival premises pictures or any audiovisual materials showing the visitors can be taken and used afterwards. For the acquisition and use of such photographs and audiovisual recordings no remuneration or other compensation can be demanded. This agreement also applies to under‐aged accompanied by a visitor.
  9. For all underage visitors are responsible their legal representatives, or persons supervising the underage visitors.
  10. Without a special written contract with the organizer, visitors are not allowed to perform any trade or other business activities (e.g. offer their goods, sell or provide their goods or services, advertising or marketing activities), both under their own and another name, as a representative of a third party, or on behalf of their own or somebody else.
  11. During the festival and at all festival premises, it is allowed to serve all alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks only to the glasses appointed and approved by the organizer.
  12. Entrance to the festival area with animals is prohibited.
  13. During the festival and at all festival premises, it is not allowed to make any payment by cash, but only by the festival HELLOPAY® card, which corresponds to electronic purchase voucher.
  14. The festival opening hours are subject to change.

Festival takes place on Friday from 2 pm to 12 pm, on Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. Above stated times are also selling times for all festival partners except the DELI2KIDS.

Daily admission fee is 200 CZK. Festival glass included!

The payment of the admission fee can be realized only through the festival card HELLOPAY®, which can be collected from the FORUM KARLIN CASH DESK before entering to DELIFEST® or it possible to have it delivered before on All the users registered before festival have guaranty of the entrance!

For all our children visitors we have prepared a pro‐active fun zone of the same named charity program DELI2KIDS.

The main goal of the program is to encourage children to participate in preparing some regional dishes and to familiarize them with the rarities of the gastronomy regions. Schools of cooking, cooking and confectionery competitions for the little ones accompanied by entertaining program every day until 8 pm!

More information and time schedule you can be found on particular festival links.

We have prepared special events for your children!

Throughout the Delifest your kids can try cupcakes homebaking at the CHEESECUP's workshop. This activity does not require registration.

In addition, kids can try makes their own pasta at the Pasta Fidli's workshop, make their own ice cream with biofruit at the Puro Gelato's workshop, or they can try to mix their first non-alcoholic cocktails at the Coctails & Dreams's workshop. Make a registration below please for a successful register your kids. Activities have limited capacity.


DELIFEST® is fully realized by cashless payment system HELLOPAY®. All payment at the festival can be realized only through the contactless festival card HELLOPAY®.

HELLOPAY® festival card can be collected from specific spots in the area of DELIFEST® or it possible to have it delivered before on

At the same spots, it is possible to collect the HELLOPAY® festival card at any time, and to put money on the card by cash or using your credit card, or withdraw the balance! At the same time it is possible at any time before the start of the DELIFEST® or during the festival to transfer your money to HELLOPAY® festival card via virtual payment terminal on

HELLOPAY® is thanks to contactless payment technology extremely quick, transparent and safe!

The registration of your HELLOPAY® festival card can be done on, where you can also find the General terms and conditions.


Our photographer brings you photos from this year's and last year's DELIFEST® festival.

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